The Canadian government requires that an individual successfully complete the ERD Legal Liability and Safety Training Course before being able to use or handle fireworks or pyrotechnics to work in the industry.

StarLite is authorized to offer both the Display Supervisor (fireworks) and Pyrotechnics licensing courses. Each course is offered individually and a person is only permitted to use product and devices that fall within the limitations of their license.  

Completion of the Display Supervisor (fireworks) course does not authorize an individual to work as a Pyrotechnician or vice versa. Display Supervisors are only permitted to work on aerial firework displays and Pyrotechnicians are only permitted to work with pyrotechnic special effects.  

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ERD Legal Liability and Safety Training Seminars for Licensing

Fireworks and pyrotechnics,are utilized safely in hundreds of events worldwide on a daily basis without incident.  However, as with all things, something in the wrong hands or used improperly can have serious consequences.

We believe that knowledge is power and by sharing our knowledge and experience in the fireworks and pyrotechnic industry, we can make the industry safer for everyone.   

StarLite provides in-depth safety and liability seminars to fire departments and agencies responsible for policing the fireworks and pyrotechnics industry.  Seminars geared to venues and event industry professionals who occasionally utilize pyrotechnic or firework services at events are also available.